Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Services

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Services

CNC is popularly known as Computer Numerical Controlled machines, use of different software to operate automatically or in carrying out several functions. The CNC router is the machine popularly used for this procedure and can be used to cut different materials. Some of the common materials that can be cut using a CNC router include wood, MDFl, WPC,  Corian, ACP etc. It can be used to cut and shape various types of materials in the required manner.

Himal Signage is the leading provider of custom CNC services for your business. It provides all the CNC Services as per the needs of the client . It includes all the jaali design, mdf cutting, wpc cutting, acp cutting, corian cutting etc. required for the partition and decoration of interior.  Himal Signage is fully devoted in manufacturing and supplying an extensive catalog of best quality service with an expert group of specialists.

Services in Himal Signage  consists of designing, cutting and sanding various sheets mentioned below. We can easily cut architectural signage for office buildings or residential. 


  • Robust
  • Impressive 
  • Eye Catching

 CNC services Includes:

  1. MDF cutting 

We have advanced CNC router machines to cut all types of MDF board with highly attractive and quality finish which makes the design more attractive and add more value to the reasonable price. We provide the design with your choice in different sizes, thicknesses and surface finishes.  Furthermore, we offer these all types of MDF cutting and partition in various styles and designs at competitive prices in Nepal.

2. WPC Cutting

3. ACP Cutting

4. Corian Cutting